Church Street Flowers is one of the most awarded and popular florists in San Francisco.
Although the business has changed hands and locations over the years, it has prevailed to
be a consistent favorite among locals and customers around the country. 



A Bay Area native, Brianna Foehr discovered her love for flowers as a child; assisting her father and grandfather with the family landscaping business. She has worked at many flower shops throughout California, starting at the bottom and working her way up through her perseverance and passion for design.  Brianna joined the staff of Church Street Flowers in 2005 and immediately knew it was the perfect locale in which to express her artistry through floral design. She leads the flower buying process for both shops, and has a stellar eye for purchasing unique and interesting blooms. She is enamored with the detail and beauty in each flower and overjoyed by the pleasure that flowers bring to others. Her personality shines through in her designs with a playful elegance.



Rachel has been passionate about flowers and plants since she was very young. As a child, she would help her mother tend their garden, and through elementary and grade school, would gravitate toward projects that involved flowers and botany. She obtained her Environmental Horticulture and Business Degrees at University of Florida, where she studied nursery management with a focus on ornamental plants. She worked at various flower shops in her hometown of Philadelphia as well as in San Francisco, gaining an invaluable amount of knowledge along the way. All of her experiences helped her to open her first flower shop, Flower Power, in Chestertown, Maryland. She joined the Church Street Flowers family in 2005. From beautiful bouquets to large-scale events, she thrives on designing spirited creations for the happiness of others.