To help assist you with your flower purchasing decisions, here are
answers to a lot of common questions.

What are your different price points for arrangements?

Because we custom design everything, we work with your budget and style preferences to create something new
and unique every time. That being said, here are some general price points:

For delivery, we start at $50. This is a small arrangement. Great for a bedside table, small coffee table, or desk.

 Our medium arrangements start at $75. This is great for an average sized dining table or coffee table.

It also fits nicely on a desk at work.

Our large arrangements start at $100 and go up from there. This size is great as a large table centerpiece.
It’s still appropriate to send to an office (not too large that it will take over the desk).
$100 is also where we start our taller arrangements and dozen roses. 

As far as designing something really impressive, the sky is the limit! We have designed $1000 arrangements,

but we have also knocked people’s socks off with our $50 arrangements.
Whatever your budget, we will create something beautiful for you. 


What is your delivery charge? Do you deliver outside of San Francisco?

For single orders anywhere in San Francisco, there is a $15 delivery fee. For multiple arrangement orders,
there is a $20-$100 delivery fee depending on how many vases you need delivered. For out of town deliveries,
we work with a courier service that can deliver to the North, South and East Bays.We need at least 24 hours notice,
and there is between a $25-50 delivery fee depending on where the arrangement is going. 


Do you handle timed deliveries?

We deliver all of our arrangements as timely as possible, but because we are such high volume and the city
traffic is unpredictable, we can’t always promise a specific delivery time. Our deliveries are almost always delivered
between 9am-4pm, with certain exceptions. If you are having an event or urgently need something delivered within
a certain window, give us a call and we will do all we can to accommodate you. Extra charges may apply.
We do not have the capacity to handle late afternoon/evening deliveries at this time. 


Is the recipient’s phone number required for delivery? 

-Most definitely! We 100% need the recipient’s phone number to finalize the order. This is imperative
because often doorbells are broken, apartment doors are locked, or office locations have recently moved.
Without a phone number, we often aren’t able to successfully deliver on the first try, and we really want to get
these flowers delivered! We never call ahead of time (unless requested) or ruin any surprises. We only call if we are unable
to reach the recipient by knocking/ringing the doorbell. 


How do I know if my flowers got delivered?

We do everything we can on the road to ensure a proper delivery drop off. If for some reason,
we were not able to successfully deliver the arrangement, you will hear from us with further information regarding
our plan for re-delivery or any other pertinent information. If you don’t hear from us, it’s a good sign.
It means everything went well and your flowers have been delivered.


Do you deliver wrapped bouquets? 

No. We only deliver arrangements in vases with water. This is to ensure the freshness of the flowers.
We’ve delivered so many wrapped bouquets in the past that unfortunately wilted too quickly because they
weren’t taken care of properly. This policy is to ensure that the recipient is able to enjoy
their flowers for as long as possible.


Do you carry teddy bears, balloons, or any other novelty items?

We are a very small boutique shop and don’t have the space to carry novelty items. We do, however,
carry wonderful “Library of Flowers” candles, lotions, soaps, and perfumes. Please inquire if you’d
like to add a gift with your flower delivery. 


Do you carry plants?

While we specialize mainly in cut flowers, we do carry a small selection of plants. Usually we have a
few orchids, succulents, and/or small green plants in stock. If we have at least two days notice,
we can source a wider variety of plants and design a beautiful planter for you. 


Since you custom design everything, if i'm looking for a bouquet to pick up in an hour,
can I call you ahead of time or do I just have to show up in person?

Yes, please give us a call! We would be happy to have a bouquet or arrangement ready for you.
We can often have a design ready within a half hour. 


Are your flowers locally grown? Do you carry organic flowers?

We buy as much locally grown product as possible. On average, our shops have over 100 different varieties of flowers
in them at any given time. We estimate that at least 90% of our product is grown within a few hundred miles of San Francisco.
While we strive to be as “green” as possible in all aspects of our business, if there are flowers native to other parts of the
world that are just too spectacular to resist, we will buy a small amount of them to enhance the beauty of our arrangements. 

      Organic and edible flowers are not easy to come by in mass production, but we have recently started carrying some from a
few local farms, including our great friends, Big Mesa Farms! We can’t guarantee that we will have them all-year round,
but as long as they are available to us, we will continue to carry them. Like organic produce, they may be a little more expensive,
and have slight imperfections, but they are guaranteed to be beautiful, special, and pesticide free!


 Do you design for weddings and events?

We sure do!  Since we are a small space, we can only handle a small number of events per weekend. 
Please fill out our wedding questionnaire and we will get back to you as soon as we can with more information.

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